Wing Chun is southern Chinese style of Kung Fu that specializes in close combat, striking and grappling. Wing Chun uses principles of body structure combined with direct movement to form its power and speed. This means that anyone of any, shape, size, sex or fitness has an equal opportunity to become master of their own body if they choose to learn the art.

To use Wing Chun we learn to be relaxed in body and mind so that we can react within a micro second and counter an attack with an explosive response.

Wing Chun is an intelligent martial art, using centre line theory and triangular direction so that the most effective and efficient methods of combat are learned. Wing Chun takes a no nonsense approach where no energy is wasted and nothing is given away, a good Wing Chun fighter is unpredictable and impossible to read.

Notable methods of training in Wing Chun include: Chi Sau (Sticking Hands), a boxing game used to develop the sense of touch for the fastest reaction; The Wooden Dummy, which helps one to understand application of force and how to deal with reaction forces, as well as traditional forms, applications and partner training.  Also Wing Chun has its own Long Pole and Double Swords weapons styles to teach strength and adaptation of the art.

Wing Chun’s origins are believed to be around 300 years old, when the Shaolin Kung Fu temples were under attack, a lot of the ancient fighting knowledge would die with those who were sadly killed in the purge.  Survivors had to go into hiding and practice their kung fu in secret... Wing Chun came back into common knowledge as recently as the late 19th century and has grown in popularity since then, boasting such famous practitioners as the great Bruce Lee and the legendary Yip Man!

Yip Man told the legend of Ng Moi, a Woman who escaped the besieged Shaolin temple and would eventually meet Yim Wing Chun, a girl to whom she taught the most efficient snake and crane kung fu techniques so that she could defeat a man who threatened her, this she did with ease and the Wing Chun style was born and tested in that battle.

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