Leeds Wing Chun


Classes: 7-8:30pm Mondays and Thursdays. Only £5 per class.

Experience the benefits of Wing Chun in Leeds! Our instructors offer top-notch training in this ancient Chinese martial art, known for its focus on practical self-defense techniques. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, we have classes and private lessons tailored to your needs. Get in shape, develop confidence, and learn the skills to protect yourself.

Our Classes

At Leeds Wing Chun we practice our Kung Fu in a friendly relaxed environment, helping each other by training with honest intentions, we aim to develop the skills that characterize Wing Chun Kung Fu and believe that the physical ability to apply those skills goes hand in hand with a clear understanding of how and why it works. We learn by doing and practice our form with a focused intent.

From day one, you will learn simple yet effective techniques that can be used in self defence without the need for muscular strength or an aggressive disposition. Wing Chun is noted for fast combinations and cat like reflexes, our introductory course teaches how to throw chain punches and efficient defensive techniques while building a strong foundation for Wing Chun’s distinctive stance.

Wing Chun has a narrow stance that is suited for a close range fighting style. The Wing Chun forms teach us how to root into a solid structure while remaining balanced and fully mobile when necessary.

As well as fighting techniques, LWC students practice; self control, personal discipline, confident approach and a respect for others through a gentle and understanding nature. Discussions of fight psychology and shared experiences play a part in our training ethic.

  • Wing Chun style of Kung Fu

  • Friendly & relaxed class

  • Close range fighting style

  • Fast & efficient

  • Direct & effective

  • 300 year old Martial Art

  • Practiced by Bruce Lee & Yip Man

What our Wing Chun practitioners say...

"Leeds Wing Chun is a great place to train. If your looking for a real traditional martial arts class then Leeds Wing Chun is for you, every one there is willing to help and its a friendly exciting class and with an amazing sifu who knows what he is talking about, you will not go wrong, highly recommended."


"A great place to learn traditional and an effective form of wing chun! A brilliant and very knowledgeable Sifu who has so much enthusiasm and skill! A very friendly and welcoming environment!!so why not come along and try it out? you won't be disappointed!" 

"I would recommend Wing Chun Kung Fu to anyone. A no-nonsense, fast and effective martial art that I have enjoyed learning from day one! At Leeds Wing Chun we learn traditional Wing Chun with real world application in a friendly, relaxed class. Our instructor (Sifu) has been practicing Wing Chun for many years, is extremely knowledgeable and is always welcoming to new students, so come to a class and join in!"


"Just started at Leeds Wing Chun and would recommend it to all. My boss has been doing Wing Chun for many years now and some of the stuff he has shown me is awesome. Very knowledgeable people always happy to help you out and teach you authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu in a safe, friendly environment!"